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Mark Teece: Lead Writer/Editor/Creator


               First and foremost thank you for taking the time out to visit my website/blog. I hope you enjoy the journey I’m about to take you on as we delve into the wonderful world of pigskin.

Background & What To Expect:

               I’ve spent the last few years writing game previews and think pieces for a number of websites and blogs developing my writing style as I go. I have no prior experience within the media but I do however aspire to cover the NFL in some capacity as my main profession in the future.

I’m also a former cornerback and safety for the Crewe Railroaders (UK). I was voted by my peers, rookie of the year at the tender age of 33. However my amateur career was derailed the following year during training camp, as I torn my ACL.

Back to website, I’ll focus mainly on game previews/reviews intertwined with some in-depth articles covering a variety on subjects. (If you’re looking for over sensationalized headlines for click bait then you’re in the wrong place). I’ll also aim to keep you updated with all the latest newsworthy news. 

Until I get my calling you can find myself here on a regular basis pushing small plastic squares on a plastic rectangle in my attempt to produce content covering the NFL that will not only keep you informed but intrigued, entertained and coming back for more.


             Should you want to reach out to me to say hi or relay some feedback regarding the site and its content, then please drop myself an email at the cornerblitz@gmail.com 


Images displayed on the website have been sourced via Flickr.com as well as team websites . We make sure to credit the individual(s) for their work and provide a link back to the orginal image. (photo credit(s) aren’t visible should you be viewing the website on a mobile device).  All quotes referenced within the articles posted are via the respective team(s) media guide(s). Should you have any issues with the content within the website then please email me (thecornerblitz@gmail.com) 

My Previous work for the daily mail online can be found here