Beyond The Headlines: Championship Edition 

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Welcome along to the championship edition of ‘beyond the headlines’. Here we give those who failed to grace the front or back pages the praise and acknowledge they deserve.

Ra’Shede Hageman 

Falcons Hageman made his presence felt througout the course of the 44-21 victory over the Packers. Hageman recorded three tackles, along with a sack and according to Pro Football Focus finished third on the Falcons when it came to quarterback pressures (3).

Dwight Freeney

Like Hageman, Freeney caused a usually solid Packers offensive line problems from the first snap. Freeney had 31 rushes on the night, six of which hurried Aaron Rodgers. According to Pro Football Focus Freeney’s six quarterback hurries were the most he’d registered since a week five matchup  with the Broncos.

Honourable Mention: Jordy Nelson

Jordy deserves credit not just for suiting up just two weeks removed from fracturing his ribs against the Giants, but for the outstanding effort throughout the course of the game. If not for the clearly evident padding under Nelson’s jersey you’d have never known he was indeed playing hurt. On the night Nelson realed in 7 of 12 targets for 78 yards and a touchdown.

Mark Teece

Aspiring NFL writer currently tapping plastic square buttons on a larger plastic rectangle, resulting in this website/blog that covers the wonderful world of pigskin. Former cornerback/safety for the Crewe Railroaders (UK).

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