Have The Falcons Dispelled The Free Agency Myth?

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Free Agency Myth Dispelled?

Building through the free agency has often been frowned upon by fans and media alike, mainly thanks to a few mercenaries within the NFL that simply cash in and check out.

History aside, along with the continued evolution of the game both on and off the field. Has the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl run (aided by free agents) laid to rest the mythical beast they call free agency? 

Breaking Down The Facts

When we strip away the layers and look beyond the free agency failings do we ever factor in the leagues requirement of the minimum spend? (89% of the cap). This alone drives up an average players contract along with the glare of the microscope we now judge said players performances with.

An injury or poor play especially if under the nations glare (Sunday night football) and that player is automatically deemed a free agency flop. Whereas if that contract had been more in the line with the players ability, and not driven up by the minimum spend we alluded to earlier, then maybe the knee jerk reaction would be somewhat more disciplined (actually thats just a twitter wish of mine, a knee jerk reaction filter that mutes all the ‘sky is falling” comments six minutes into a game). 

Free Agents In Question

Lets get back to the original point and take a look at the Falcons myth killers (I mean free agent acquisitions). Taylor Gabriel, Mohamed Sanu, Dwight Freeney, Courtney Upshaw and Alex Mack are some of the most notable additions. Sanu and Gabriel alone accounted for 1232 yards within the passing attack. Thats 26.07% of the teams total passing yards (4725). The pair also accounted for 26.31% of the teams touchdowns (10 of the 38 scored).  

Whilst the above are just a minority in terms of successful transactions. Compared to the long list of free agent failures its certainly food for thought. For example, will the Green Bay Packers be more inclined to explore the free agency market? Jared Cook and Julius Peppers have proved to be worthy additions.

Other Elements

Of course on the flip side we have the option of building through the draft. A process deemed more successful in terms of the amount of cap space used/wasted if draft selections fail to make the grade. This is a safer process for coaches and GM’s. Plus poor draft classes don’t have the same stigma attached to them as a multi million dollar contracts, that holds the team hostage for years to come.

Are we subconsciously judging free agency signings because we’re fully aware of the figures involved? Has the Falcons run given you fresh optimism as your team heads into the agency period?

The Elephant In The Room

Like you the reader, I’ve had that voice in the back of my mind from the moment I pushed the first button. Its repeatedly screamed at me over and over to an nauseating level. It simply yells………BROCK OSWEILER. Damn you Brock for ruining what was intended as a though provoking piece! 

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