Owens Excluded From HOF Again!

HOF Illuminati Shun Owens As 2017 Hall Of Fame Class Is Unveiled

For the second straight year Terrell Owens, like the majority of us was left in disbelief as the HOF selection committee choose not to acknowledge one of the greatest pass catchers ever to grace the NFL. 

Owens provocative nature on and off field clearly doesn’t sit well with those involved with the voting process. The problem fans and players alike have with the HOF voting process, is the cloak and dagger nature of it all. The whole process appears more like a chapter of a Dan Brown book, where mere mortals are excluded from the back handed on-goings of the Illuminati. 

Owens numbers speak for them self. Only the great Jerry Rice has more receiving yards than Owens. During a fourteen year career in the NFL, Owens was selected to six Pro Bowls and was named an All Pro five times.

Who Made The Cut?

The inductees for the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame class are as follows:

Featured Image By Alex Mircoshnichenko Via flickr.com

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