Potential Landing Spots For Marshall

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 End of the line for Marshall?

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall could find himself without a team this offseason as the Jets look to inject some youth into an ageing roster. Marshall’s down year (hindered by poor quarterback play) and a pending $7.5m salary (Jets can cut Marshall without absorbing a cap hit) could prove to be the end of the line for Marshall in New York. From a fans perspective I’ll miss Marshall should the team move on, he was far more productive than I imagined and equally as less of a headache than previously advertised.

 Marshall said on WFAN’s Boomer and Carton “People need to get away from me due $7.5, Get away from my salary. That’s underpaid. Any team should be happy to have me for $7.5 million.”

Potential Landing Spots

Washington Redskins

With rumors swirling that pending free agent DeSean Jackson will be returning to the Eagles (story here) and Pierre Garcon also set to hit free agency the Eagles find themselves in a tough predicament financially especially when you factor in a long term deal for quarterback Kirk Cousins. The Washington Redskins offense proved to be very effective between the 20s but stumbled somewhat in the redzone, (ranked 30th overall in Red Zone Scoring Percentage [TD only] 45.90%) its easy to see why Marshall would be a welcome asset from a financial perspective. Add into the equation the relatively short commute for Marshall’s ongoing media commitments in New York.

Philadelphia Eagles

As with the Redskins the commute for Marshall between New York and Philly is advantageous. Marshall would instantly bolster a struggling passing attack that was ranked 24th overall. (Nelson Agholor 365 yards 2 touchdowns, Jordan Matthews 804 yards 3 touchdown Dorial Green-Beckham 392 yards 2 touchdowns) Not to mention the obvious benefits for Carson Wentz‘s continued development during his second season.

Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota has never thrown an interception within the red zone during his first two years within the NFL. Can you imagine the type of impact the duo would have on the titans prospects. Whilst Tennessee may not be a desired location for Marshall it does have its benefits. The Titans are on the rise and the chance to be the star in Tennessee should appeal to Marshall’s ego. Factor in the potential to finally grace the playoffs for Marshall and its a win win scenario. The now infamous Marshall attitude should things not go according to plan wouldn’t be an issue as we’ve seen that Mike Mularkey wont tolerate any form of nonsense, just ask Dorial Green-Beckham.

Sell Your Soul?

Then there’s always the Patriots. Would Marshall be willing to pull a Revis to finally get a ring? A move that would surely cement his place in Canton. (Yes I believe Marshall should be in the Hall Of Fame). This scenario was put to Marshall by Manish Metha of the NY DAILY NEWS back in December. (Full Story Here).

“That’s intriguing, but that wouldn’t be my team, But there’s two things that make it really difficult. One, I love it here. And two, I don’t want to be a rental player for anyone. So, I don’t want to jump ship and take the easy route and go somewhere where I’m just a rental cop for a year or two and I’m not a core guy. I want to do it being a big part of the puzzle.”

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