The ‘Brock On’ Effect

Does Brock Osweiler‘s Contract Have a Knock effect to this year free agents? 

With an abundance of teams chasing that elusive franchise quarterback, and free agency on the horizon (March 9th). Will desperation consume those head coaches and general managers, who sit on the cusp of inevitable. Fully aware, that anything less than a winning season and they’ll be out on the street. 

Perhaps they’ll approach with caution fully aware of the ‘Brock On’ effect and the potential unrest associated with such a move. However the free agency frenzy unfolds, the 4-year $72m ($37m guaranteed) contract given to Brock Osweiler by the Texans, will be the marker for how the public perceives any quarterback acquisition.

Top Of The Class

Atop of the free agency market list, Kirk Cousins finds himself perfectly poised as the most desirable free agent. Cousin’s took a gamble on himself in 2016, playing under the franchise tag ($19.95m). Now looking to double down after a stellar season during which he threw for 4917 yards and 25 touchdowns. Cousin’s also set franchise records in attempts (606), completions (406) and passing yards (4917). 

Should the Washington Redskins place the franchise tag on Cousin’s once more, he’ll be set to make $23.94m in 2017. That’s a role of the dice that’s netted almost $44m over a 2-year span. 

The risk for Cousin’s is minimal should he receive the franchise tag. In the event of a downturn in production and overall play, Cousin’s would still be considered one of the top free agents in 2018. A group that will consist of Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr. All of which will have penned new deals before free agency begins. 

The 49ers and the Browns are the main threat to Washington’s chances of retaining Cousins. According to the Browns have $105m and the 49ers have $81m in cap space. 

For me a realistic offer from the Washington Redskins would be a contract similar to that of Ryan Tannehill. 4 years $77m ($45m guaranteed) averaging a little over $19m a year. However in today’s market, expect negotiations to open up around the Eli Manning, Carson Palmer range of $21m  a year. 

The ‘Brock On’ effect might push figures even higher. But ask yourself is Cousins worth more than an average of $22m a year? That would put him ahead of Aaron Rodgers and make him the fourth highest paid quarterback. 

Desirable Physical Traits 

Mike Glennon a third round pick during the 2014 draft will prove to be an intriguing option going forward. The appeal? Those all so important prototypical measurable’s that will have the front offices of many a franchise salivating. 

At 6ft 6″ 215lbs it’s easy to see why Glennon’s physical attributes are appealing. However the lack of playing time, should, and I repeat, should discourage anyone willing to throw suitcases of cash Glennon’s way. 

Glennon has featured in 21 games, making 18 starts. During 2013 Glennon played started 13 games, throwing for 2618 yards, 19 touchdowns, along with 9 interceptions. Finishing with a completion percentage of 59.38. 

Glennon’s lack of mobility coupled with a release that rivals the long windup of Blake Bortles and Brock Osweiler screams buyer beware. But delusional fans will be quick to counter that with the fact that Glennon has 3 game winning drives. Two of which came on the road (Detroit and Pittsburgh). 

Key candidates to overpay for Glennon, include the New York Jets and Chicago Bears. Monitoring the situation, the 49ers and Cleveland Browns. Lets not forget those teams on the outside looking, or put bluntly, unconvinced by the current man under center. The Buffalo Bills, and Denver Broncos.

Realistic Contract 2-years $10 -$12m ‘Brock On’ effect 3-years $45m 

Short Term Relief

Nothing sets pulses racing quicker than a young quarterback playing the relief role for an injured veteran. 

Chicago Bears Matt Barkley‘s stock fell quicker than the pound against the dollar post brexit, thanks to some inexplicable play as the 2016 season drew to a close. 

Following an indifferent debut against the packers (6/15/81). Barkley looked to have found his feet and in command of the bears offense. During 2 of his next 3 starts Barkley played interception free football. He looked poised in the pocket, dispatching the ball down field with ease and accuracy. 

As is the case with new quarterbacks, the NFL is unforgiving once it attains a decent sample size of your work. Over the next 3 games, Barkley threw 10 interceptions and 4 touchdowns. His inability to adjust his gunslinger mentality became his undoing.

Barkley would be wise to find a situation where he could benefit from a veteran presence. I feel a cash strapped team looking for a quarterback patch, may just pull the trigger a 1-year deal. 

Pittsburgh would be the perfect opportunity for Barkley. With all those weapons on offense, Barkley’s gun-slinging mentality would ensure the Steelers remain competitive during the inevitable absence of Ben Roethlisberger. Lurking in the shadows, however those cash strapped Jets.

Sensible offer 1-year $2m-$4m. ‘Brock On’ effect 1-year $6m-$8m 

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